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Tips for Starting Seeds in Your Home

by Vicky Stewart 05/25/2020

Image by Shimul Nath from Pixabay

Even though growing your garden from young plants is convenient, it is not your only option. Starting your plants from seeds has lots of benefits. It gives you more possibilities and helps you save money. Starting seeds allows you to get a jump on the gardening season. Keep reading to learn about a few tips for starting seeds indoors.

1. Keep Records

Proper planning is possible when you keep clear records. Even when you only need to produce a few plants, record-keeping is extremely helpful when it comes to creating ideal growing conditions for your location. Record the seeds you sow, when they germinate, and the details about how you watered, the soil you used and the amount of sunlight the seeds received. Keep track of the success rate so you can make adjustments in the coming years.

When you review your records you will be able to figure out what might have gone wrong and how to improve next time. Another important detail to track is where you purchased the seeds and their quality.

2. Use Wide Containers

Use shallow containers that are wide and flat. There should be enough space to prevent overcrowding. Clay pots are a good choice because they are porous and can retain water.

Be sure your containers are clean. If you're reusing a container, soak it in a mild bleach solution for 15 minutes and allow it to air dry.

3. Use Warmth to Promote Germination

The ideal temperature for germination is 65° to 75°F. Place your seed containers close to a heating source like sunny windows or baseboards. If you don't have a warm spot, you can find heating pads that are specifically designed for plant germination. Keep a close eye on the moisture levels to make sure the soil doesn't dry out.

4. Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition promotes growth. It ensures that your seeds continue to grow at a consistent rate. Once you see leaves forming on your seedlings, introduce extra fertilization to keep them going.

5. Sufficient Watering

Your seeds need just enough water for growth. Too much or too little water could stunt their growth. Determining the appropriate amount of water is one of the most difficult parts of developing seeds to plants. Some of the most important tips for watering include the following

  • Your seed-starting medium should be damp but not wet
  • Use plastic to cover your container until your seeds germinate
  • Implement a self-watering system
  • Check your plant’s soil for wetness every day
  • 6. Drainage and Air Flow

    Pay attention to airflow and drainage. If there is an insufficient supply of air or too much moisture, your plants may develop fungus or other issues that halt or stop growth. One of the simplest ways to promote airflow is by using a small fan close to the seedlings.

    Growing your plants from seeds is a satisfying experience especially if you are a fan of house plants. With a few simple tips in mind, you can start your seeds indoors without much trouble.

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